Conferences & Consultations

In order to support children and their families, we offer individual and small group telephone consultations, discussion groups, Conferences and Workshops. 

We also offer a full Teacher Training Program for those wishing in-depth training in the Enki approach.


Each year we offer a variety of Workshops and Conferences to support parents as they navigate the awesome task of nurturing the next generation. 

We offer several weekend workshops open to all. These include “Rousing Intuition”; and “Parenting as Path.” Practical details are announced on our Special Events Page as they become available.

For descriptions and participant Reviews and Photos, click here.

We also offer several weekend workshops open to the public. These include “Rousing Intuition: observing the child”; and “Teaching as a Spiritual Path.” Details are announced on our Special Events Page as they become available.

For Participant Reviews and Photos, click here.

Consultation Packages for anyone wishing support on their parentingor teaching journey, can also be purchased here.

Discussions can cover a wide range, from the curriculum specific, to homelife in general, to child development, to family, to the path of the the parent, to the personal. At this time in history when most of us parent and teach with little community behind us, having support can make a lot of difference. Our article, "And when there is no village? . . ." discusses this and other work offered to support parents in this truly awesome undertaking.

Consultation Packages are available as needed and can be used over an unlimited time period. Phone times must be prearranged. Some communication can be done through email. All packages must be prepaid.

Recommended package: Based on our experience working with these materials, we feel that 3 or 4 hour packages are the most helpful and practical, and therefore we offer a discount for them. Purchasing more  hours allows you to discuss the initial issues, go back and work with them, discuss results, go back and refine, and discuss conclusions. Different people and different situations will require more and less time on any given issue or process. The package can be used in half hour units, with up to 1 1/2 hours in any one go.  3 hour package: $375; and 6 hour package: $700.

Other options: We also offer individual hour sessions. Since these require more bookkeeping and we find them less useful, the costs are higher and they are only available in full hour blocks. 1 hour package: $150




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