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After a second year of delightfully successful programs, we will now be offering the full set of Cyber Jr. High classes for Grades 6/7 and 8. Exactly which programs will run will depend on enrollment and scheduling realities; decisions will be made one month before classes begin, so if you are interested, register soon to reserve a space.

For many homeschooling children, the peer needs of this stage bring some challenges. From a developmental point of view, this is unavoidable - and good news; the 11 to 14 year old is pushing to find his or her own power, and part of that is a shift of focus to peers. As well, everything within them is, rightfully, pushing to step away from parents. To meet this need, and yet support the beauty of schooling at home, we offer our cyber peer online program. To our delight, the structure of these classes in the online environment successfully supports peer relationships and learning to work as a community. Creative compromise, listening to one another, play and banter are all part of the daily fare.

My son has been enrolled in the Enki Online Middle School Program for the last two years. We love every aspect of the program. The teacher is wonderful, attentive and has a unique ability to create a close knit online community for the kids. It has provided a much needed social outlet; the kids have bonded and look forward to spending time with each other. The curriculum has inspired my son’s learning and growth, through in-depth reading, art and creativity. At the end of the semester the students collaborate on student led, teacher guided group projects. Learning to work in a group has been a gift to my son. We wouldn’t change anything about this program!

                                                                                                                                    Brooke, Colorado


How does it work?

Modern technology allows us to gather as a whole group, face-to-face, in real time. We then move between full group discussions and undertakings, and small, peer group work. In the small groups, we have peer discussions, writer's workshops, and peer projects - and quite a bit of "peer play!" Under the guidance of a senior Enki teacher, each class includes discussions on independent reading, and writing, art, and project work.

The first 6-7 weeks of each Humanities unit is spent establishing the cultural and historical setting. During this time we work with an Enki Book, reading and discussing, writing and doing art work. While this period has a great deal of peer interaction, it is primarily a whole group focus. Then, for the last five weeks, we will shift our focus to development of peer group projects. This includes peer planning, independent work, and small group work; most of all it centers around the students' creativity and independent follow through! See sample projects here

  written work from our multicultural education program
NOW OFFERING for the 2018/19 School year: Two, Grade 6/7 combined Units; Two, Grade 8 Units; and One, 6-8 Grammar Unit, midyear.

The Fall and Spring Core Units cover the Humanities, and introduce related mathematics and science. We also offer a stand alone Grammar Unit in the winter. In addition, with each Core Unit we offer companion, indepth, math and science classes. Here we take the math and science work that is introduced in its living context in the Humanities classes, onto the concept and skill mastery level. These Math-Science classes are only open to those taking the partner Humanities class. We encourage all who take Humanities to also take the Math-Science, as the engagement with this work not only comes from the Humanities, but also expands back into that study.

6th Graders (program will be open in Fall 2019), with their focus on chaos, conflict, and order, will have the opportunity to enroll in one unit on Ancient Greece and Rome, and one on the Ancient Middle East. See Samples here. 6/7th Graders, with their need to see the world with their own eyes and recreate it for themselves, will have the opportunity to enroll in units on Ancient China (covering the explorer Zhung Qua, Confucius, and the Khans) and on the European Renaissance (Marco Polo, the Plague and the Renaissance Artists, Scientists, and Explorers). See Samples here. 8th Graders with their natural struggle to find their own way - largely through revolution - will have the opportunity to enroll in units on revolution in South Africa (Mandela), and on revolution in Russia (equality through the eyes Breshkovsky and Sakharov).
written work from our multicultural education program written work from our multicultural education program written work from our multicultural education program

Each week, Humanities classes meet three times in "face to face" video calls, for two hours per class for the 12 week unit.

The Math/Science classes will meet twice a week for an hour and a half for the 12 week unit - these are open only to those doing the relevant Humanities course.

Between the units, we are also offering an independent class to work with grammar and writing skills for grades 6-8 (mixed together) - in this unit we will work with the story of the lamas escaping Tibet as our core material for sparking writing - students will work with writing skills (structure, grammar, and punctuation) by helping one another. This meets three times a week for two hours per class, on the same schedule as the Core Humanities classes. This is open to all.

Click here for more detailed course information.

Dates and Times for Winter-Spring 2019

  1. Grammar: January 7 to March 1; Classes meet Monday, Tuesday, and Friday, 8am to 10am PACIFIC TIME.
  2. Humanities: March 11th through June 7th (with one weeklong break, week of 4/22/19). Classes meet Monday, Tuesday, and Friday, 8am to 10am PACIFIC TIME.
  3. Math-Science (Grade 6-7 only): March 11th through June 6th,
    Monday 11am to 12:30am PACIFIC TIME, and Thursday 8:00am - 9:30pm PACIFIC TIME.

    Tuition for each 12-week Humanities Unit is $600.
    Tuition for each 12-week, companion Math/Science Unit is $350.
    Tuition for the 8-week stand alone Grammar Unit is $400.

    You are welcome to enroll in any or all units, though the Humanities is a resquisite partner for that particular Math/Science Unit. Scolarships are available on a limited basis.

    You do need to have good internet access and a computer with a camera. We use the Zoom program. It works very well and is free to the students.

    Space is limited, and those taking the first unit will have first shot at future units.

    For more details or to sign up, please contact the Enki Office (bas@enkieducation.org) or call Blake at 603 496-8605
written work from our multicultural education program
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