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Parent holds child's handEcosystems of Education
a 15 session, live-online Course

September 8th through December 12, 2019

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REGISTRATION CLOSES August 15th, 2019!

"The experience of the Ecosystems class felt more like the beginning of a journey than a class that you would take to simply learn material. It was a journey both back to myself and beyond myself, into a new way to think about teaching and working with children . . .

Emily, New Mexico, 2016
Public School Teacher, 10 years


At this time in history we are badly in need of a focus on the ecosystems of our lives. In truth, we are in need of a full paradigm shift and that starts with education. But we can't teach ABOUT a paradigm shift, standing in the old one or we simp[ly reinforce the known ways. We have to begin with truly shifting the educational paradigm. There are many ways to manifest that shift, but we have to begin with making the shift. That is what this course is about, and how it unfolds.

The educational ecosystem is, in all likelihood, a core reason that so many of the ecosystems of our lives are now in jeopardy. In this course, we explore the ecosystems of learning and growing, and in so doing develop understandings applicable to us all - whatever our work. Education, like all other aspects of life, functions as an ecosystem with each aspect impacting all others. As is the case with the natural world, this is true whether we attend to it or not; the only issue is whether we will work consciously with it so the child's whole experience is in service of our educational goals, including a sustainable and healthy experience for all. 

We will be offering the Ecosystems of Education course beginning September 8th 2019. This is one of the two course in the Enki Teacher Training program that can be taken as a stand alone course. It is a 15 session program, spread over 13 weeks, and is designed for the adult learner - undoubtely a juggler of many balls!

So what is an Educational Ecosystem? Any Ecosystem has principles that cannot be ignored or violated without paying a high price. For plants, one could say that it is the interaction of sun, water, soil (type and life), and nutrients that make up the Ecosystem. All plants work with these elements - not all in the same way, but all must work with them. Picture what happens when we speed up the fruiting of vegetable plants with chemical fertilizers, herbacides, and pesticides. We know these impact the natural ecosystem, and the impact is there whether we pay attention or not. The same is true in education; when worked with harmoniously, the core principles create a self-sustaining and vital system that serves health and well being for all; when ignored we have the same hurried and destructive results as we would with plants.

Just as different plants must work with these underlying principles differently if they are to most fully bloom in their true nature, the same is true in education. In this course, we work to uncover each student’s unique outlook on education and explore how she or he can better manifest that vision through understanding of the principle of educational ecosystems. We do this through study of the Enki Web or ecosysytem, the underlying structure of the Enki Education,  using it as a tool to look at educational ecosystems in general.

As we said, this has to begin working from a different paradigm, and so we do. Each week students are given short exercises to do at home to give them a personal experience of the particular "web thread" in focus. Then in a workshop format, we explore the participants’ personal experience with the exercise. From that, as well as specific reading on the topic, we develop ways each can bring this new understanding into their teaching or life situation. In this way, the students each have their own, personal experience of each of the principles of the educational ecosystem and are better able to apply these to their own situations and desires.

The web principles explored (and shown above) are: Core Goal; Essential Energy/content focus; Rhythm; Child Development; Integration of Body, Heart, and Mind; Rhythms of Learning/discovery learning; Unity and Diversity; Environment; The Teacher - Health and as a Model; Community.

Because our focus is on the underlying principles at play in learning and growing, the experience and understanding gained are applicable to any situation, educational, business, creative, etc.

Tuition: $650 US includes the 15 session course, and the books; scholarships available on a limited basis.

For more information , click here to email your questions and needs and we will get right back to you. Or you can simply call Blake at 603 496-8605 to register directly.



Dates and Times for the Winter - Spring session 2019:

  • 1-4 pm PACIFIC time for Sunday classes,
  • 3 pm PACIFIC for the two Thursday classes (marked  below).

It is important that all attend the first two and the last class live online. Besides the start and the end weeks,  students can miss "live online" attendance up to 3 times over the course of the program and view those recordings asap. 

    • • Sunday September 8
      • THURSDAY September  12 (3 pm PACIFIC)
      • Sunday September 15
      • Sunday September 22
      • Sunday September 29
      • Sunday October 6
      • Sunday October 13

      NO CLASS on October 20
      • Class MONDAY October 21 (3 pm PACIFIC)

      • Sunday October 27
      • Sunday November 3
      • Sunday November 10
      • Sunday November 17
      • Sunday November 24

      NO CLASS Dec 1 (U.S. thankgiving Weekend)

      • Sunday December 8
      • THURSDAY Dec 12 (3 pm PACIFIC)


Take a peek into the Enki Teacher Training Program
through the eyes of participants, or read about it in full:


Reviews of the Ecosystems Course:

Ecosystems of Education has been a transformational course for me. The framework that this course has provided me with has not only strengthened how I articulate my foundational beliefs about Education but has also helped me to more fully integrate with the world around me. This course is hands down the best Educational instruction I have ever received. As a participant you get to experience the very framework that you are learning about and therefore can more fully integrate the teachings. This course has impacted my life in so many ways and has rebirthed my passion and inspiration for Education in a way that feels grounded and accessible.

                                                                                                Jenna, 2018
                                                                                                (Indigenous Studies Educator, 6 years
                                                                                                Public Schools, Nelson BC, Canada)

Yesterday, I received the information about the Enki Ecosystem course. As I read it, it was through the lens of my current work as a midwife. What struck me immediately was that all I have learned and experienced in my work with Enki, has informed the work I do as a midwife -  in fact, it has touched all aspects of my life. 

As I enter the birth space, it is critical that I open to what is arising; I am reminded of learning to do the same as I entered the space of movement, or lesson, or project. The many hours spent in open observation - of myself, the children, the environment, the activity - now guide me as I work with birthing women. 

On top of that,  now,  as I teach new midwives,  I grapple with questions such as, "How did I know what was needed?" As I look for answers, I see that the Enki Web still serves as a framework for exploring and understanding so I can guide others to do the same. Looking from the Ecosystem model explored and experienced in this class has become a way of life for which I am grateful.  

                                                                                                Amy 2017
                                                                                                (Enki homeschooler
                                                                                                2005 to present
                                                                                                Midwife 25 years)

The Ecosystems Course is the foundation of Enki Education. Studying, and understanding this course, has not only been an educational endeavor, but also a personal, spiritual journey. Through this journey, I came to reconnect to parts of myself I have long buried.

This reconnection allowed me to reawaken my vitality in ways I never thought possible. The course study, at times, was challenging. It requires a deep clearing of old patterns. The work was well worth the effort. What blooms in you, and what seeds it plants for your children, is something much needed in our world today.

Enki education is truly one of the most beautiful and humane educational philosophies! It has been a great honor, and privilege to be able to study directly under Beth Sutton, the founder of Enki Education. Her level of expertise, and her attention and focus to every intricate detail, is unparalleled to anything I have ever experienced in my 30 years of teaching.

                                                                                                Jill 2016
                                                                                                (Special Needs Teacher)

This has been an immensely enlightening course for me and what I’ve learned is valuable.  Firstly, I’d like to note the recursion that I’ve experienced in the way in which this course was ‘taught’; the content of the course was shared with us using the paradigm that was laid out in the course content. In this way, I feel I have experienced the process, first hand, of how the Enki Web enables me to engage in the process of meaningful learning and teaching. I don’t think I have ever learned something at such a slow and deliberate pace, making and taking time for intake and digestion of the material. The result has been astounding. I feel like I have a real grasp of the course content, more so than in other courses I’ve taken.  This confirms for me, the value of engaging in teaching and learning from an ecosystemic perspective.

                                                                                                Julie 2013
                                                                                                (25 year alternative educator)

Even though I have studied Enki over the last 5 years while bringing this philosophy to life in my classroom, the ecosystem course revealed even more of the core of Enki.  My understanding of the elements of the ecosystem that makes Enki what it is, broadened and deepened through discussion, through experiential exercises, and through rereading the guides.  Engaging with a group brought inspiration and encouragement to fully experience the exercises and share openly even in an online format.  Beth has a unique way of bringing participants together, connecting with personal challenges and triumphs, and sharing the insight so valuable to parents and teachers.  
                                                                                                Perekin 2015 (Enki teacher 5 yrs
                                                                                                alternative educator 10 yrs prior)

" . . . I can finally dive into rereading the guides. I reread the first two sections yesterday and it is really amazing, after the class, and of course my cumulative time spent with Enki, how much more I understand what the guides are saying!"

                                                                                                Jessica 2015

                                                                                                (Enki Homeschooler 3 years)

(con't from above) One of the things that I truly appreciated was the camaraderie of walking this path with others. It was helpful to hear others' stories because they shone light on the subjects we were discussing and helped my understanding. Enki and other holistic educational models are not mainstream (yet!) and so it was very special to meet other parents and teachers cut from a similar cloth. They are a resource I still have even though the class is over. Another gift of the class was that it left me with a deeper understanding of Enki and the Enki web than I had when I read the manuals. We got to examine most of the strands, and to experience them in our own lives. 

                                                                                                Emily 2015
                                                                                                (Public School Teacher 10yrs)

The ENKI Ecosystems coarse was eye and heart opening, It guided me through a personal journey that left me with such gratitude for what ENKI brings to my children and to the classroom. Before taking the coarse I understood ENKI in a topical way, but after moving through the Ecosystems with Beth, I felt it really come alive in me, and began to understand the depth and rhythm that ENKI creates in a tangible way . . .  I look forward to learning more

                                                                                                Melanie 2015
                                                                                                (Homeschooler, Class Teacher
                                                                                                Developer Applesong  School)




Rousing Intuition: 3 day workshop

Moving From Dogma to Delight

clay hands


What guides us through the difficult moments of teaching? Of parenting? Of working in collaboration or managing a team? What guides us as we choose which path to take at any given moment? Ultimately, our intuition works to steer us all the time. It is busily rumbling beneath the surface of both our emotions and our logical proofs.



Parent holds child's hand


It rumbles out its clear message of "Yes. This is the way to go," or "No way, back off! Now!" It may even tell us we are not yet clear, not hearing or seeing into the heart of it all. It is always at work; the only questions are whether we will hear its call, and whether we will trust ourselves enough to act on it.

No approach to teaching, however brilliant or effective, will ever be more important than the individual adult's ability to hear and act upon her own intuition.


Parent holds child's hand

Why Intuition?

It is intuition that must guide the adult’s moment to moment work so that our teaching is a creative and genuine response to each situation and each person, and yet maintains the coherence of the whole.

Without intuition any and all approaches, however brilliant and creative – including Enki –become dogma.

Join us for full three-day weekend of clay modeling, music and dance, architectural installations, meditations, laughter, and provocative discussion.


clay hands

The Process: What?

Working with Sensory Learning Styles (Enki Education), Direct Picture Building (Goethe), the Buddha Families (Tibetan Buddhism), and Traditional Mindfulness Meditation, and newer approaches to Body Centered Mindfulness, we will explore new perspectives and possibilities. Through this we will tease apart the expectations and assumptions that shrink our perceptions and block our access to our inherent intuition.


Parent holds child's hand
The Process: Why?

This teasing apart of expectations and assumptions helps us to open perception and meet ourselves anew. It cannot help but bring both challenge and affirmation; it is a journey of personal growth. We approach this deep personal growth work in both a playful and a thoughtful manner, through arts and ideas, alone and with one another. One person will be challenged as they see the ways their kinesthetic sense has been shut down; another as they discover how often they walk out on their deep nature; another as they sit face to face with how deeply connected they already are. Anything is possible in this very individual and personal exploration of the ways we block access to our own intuition, and of the ways we already hear and follow its call. This workshop is designed for those who want to delve into their own process and meet themselves anew.

To do this, in the workshop, we will work with many avenues to begin learning the art of accessing and trusting our intuition. This includes techniques to take home to make this an ongoing practice we can apply in any situation - from the child who can't seem to learn, to the coworker who seems to be deaf, to the undertaking that defies our plans.

Parent holds child's hand



Dates: TBA
Location: TBA

Tuition: $400.00 U.S. per person

Email to arrange to host this workshop in your location!

(class size limited; click here to sign up or for further information)




For participant Reviews, click here

clay hands



Parent holds child's hand Parenting as Path: one day workshop

This time it is YOUR child whining in the grocery cart and reaching to pull the candy off the rack. With a smile on your face covering clenched teeth, you cheerfully move her hands back into the cart. She hits you and quickly knocks the magazine rack down. You calmly explain why she mustn't hit, while you put the magazines back and pay the cashier.

But underneath the smile you have had it. You are frustrated and angry - enough already.

Tomorrow is the Spelling Bee (karate competition, gymnastics recital, or any other "performance"). You know your child can win and it would make him so happy - and validate your decision to spend extra time on his practice. But he is in his room alternately whining and stomping and saying he won't go. You gently encourage him, patiently telling him for the umpteenth time that he is the best and to just imagine how happy he will be when he wins.

But underneath the calm encouragement, you are anxious and full of dread - can't he just do this!

A decision has to be made - graduation is near and there is no such thing as letting this one go - any action or inaction is still a decision. You know the choice he wants to make is going to lead to trouble - but you know the sound of that door slamming, the ugly yelling, and the stamping out and not returning till late. So you say very little and put relevant articles you have cut from the paper on his bed (usually to find them crumpled on the floor later!). But you are treading carefully, giving him his wings.

But underneath the calm and quiet, your heart is racing, you aren't sleeping - after all, in the end he is still your baby and you have been through this!

How many of us actually feel good and energized after smiling through scenes like these? I often tease that it seems like children come in with a "cheat-sheet" for how to trigger their parents into their most off-balance selves. They do; at the top it is labeled "Hope and Fear." The unimaginable love that is parenting triggers hope and fear like few other experiences in our adult life. In turn, personal blocks we've carried with us since our own childhood years come roaring onto center stage. Therein lies our opportunity, hiding in the very feelings we think are undesireable, is a voice of extraordinary wisdom.

Consider the examples above. Where is the vitality in these scenes? So often we think the forced smile and surface calm show our strength and willingness to be who we should be. But, in truth, the frustration or anxiety is where the energy is, so that is where we find our own wisdom. Something deep within is using all its strength to try to guide us in a genuine and positive direction. If we can free that hidden voice, our reactions do not spill out on anyone else but instead reveal a deeper and wider knowing. From that place, anger and dread (or any other overwhelming and unpleasant emotion) become doorways to wisdom and guides for clear, supportive, and non-resentful action.

In this one day Parenting as Path workshop, through activities and discussion, we will begin exploring both the wisdom and the blocks, and look at ways we can use all of them to enliven our lives and enjoy our children as we walk the path of parenting.

$265 includes the one day workshop and a follow up consultation.

For more information or to arrange a workshop at your location, click here



. . . and when there is no village?

You still deserve support! It has become clichéd to say that it takes a village to raise a child – no one knows this better than parents in the trenches. But what happens when there is no village? What then? That is the situation most parents face every day.

In the more than 40 years that I have been working with children and parents, I have talked with many parents about the challenges presented by the lack of community in our lives. There is much the modern world offers and each of us treasures the independence of our lives, but it does come at a real cost.

group laughter

What is it that community life offered in years past that we, in the modern world, experience as such a soul level loss? Is it practical help with caring for the children? Is it the relief of sharing the frustrations and delights with other adults who live in those same trenches? Certainly those things are a critically important part of a healthy family life, but I believe another very important aspect of community is the availability of those who have walked the path of parenting before us – those who have walked it but who are no longer living in the intensity and relentless demands of the childrearing years.

Why? When we are in the “parenting-trenches” it is hard, if not impossible, to take the long view, and harder still to trust ourselves when the stakes are so high and the demands so relentless. It is hard to know whether the explosive two year old or the outrageous 15 is just a passing phase, i.e. something you need to make peace with, or if the anger it rouses in you is your deep and wise alarm system letting you know help is needed. Without the perspective that was once a given in the multigenerational village life, what do we have to help us distinguish between the normal frustration of our very human adult struggles, and the voice of our wisdom alerting us to a deeper need?

Time and space certainly help – but of all the things in short supply for parents, these two top the list! So it becomes imperative to make better use of the time and space we do have. Over the years, many parents I have consulted with - whether by phone or in person - have described the consultation experience as one that provided an expansion of time and space that they didn’t believe possible. In a life where everything seems urgent, they found a fresh perspective – not just any perspective, but one that brought their own wisdom to the forefront.

If you would like to share in this sort of experience, I now offer consulting time for any interested parents – independent of work with the Enki curriculum. As well, if you would like to immerse yourself in a full day of “village” living, I invite you to attend the Parenting As Path Workshop. Click here for details for both private consultations and the one-day event.



Finding the Wisdom within the Struggle
Parenting Consultation Reviews

Parent holds child's handBeth Sutton - Parenting Consultant/Educator

For conscientious and dedicated parents everywhere, who are seeking a holistically integrated life journey for themselves and their children, I highly recommend Beth Sutton's consulting services.

Beth is gifted with exceptional listening skills, endless depths of wisdom, love and compassion, and has profound insight into human nature and the universal truths that connect us all.

She draws from extensive professional and personal life experience and has unparalleled understanding and knowledge of health and healing, personal development and well being, motherhood, family life, child development, and education, making her poised to advise on any challenge one might face as a parent.

Through Enki Education and ongoing, private consultations with Beth we have been able to awaken, strengthen and affirm our innate capacities to parent our children, trusting and using our own intuition as the leading navigational compass. With Beth's guidance we are better able to evaluate options in a contemporary sea of information and offerings, and to continue to make decisions and choices from a core of values that we define as most important and life sustaining for our family. Beth's assistance always provides us with perspective, focus and calm, as we face our sometimes overwhelming parenting roles. Her sense of humor and lightness of being reminds us not to get lost in the issues at hand, her deep grounding keeps us focused on achieving realistic balance within our given life parameters, and her gentle and kind persistence guides us back to activities that nourish the life force within ourselves, so that our children in turn can source from us.

To work with Beth is to give yourself, your spouse and your children a gift for life, and she provides the support we all deserve and need as we meet the demands of our very important jobs as parents, raising our children and caring deeply about their future and the future of mankind.

Grete from California


I needed help with sorting through the myriad of behavioral and learning problems after seeking out many other consultants and practitioners. Being desperate to help our special needs daughter and rarely relying on my instincts, I requested a consultation with Beth. From the beginning, Beth has given meaning and direction to what had seemed bewildering and overwhelming. It does not seem like she is on the other end of the phone; it seems as if she is right in our home without all the heaviness of the subjective thoughts. She listens, then she listens, and she might listen again. And then she asks questions from such a grounded, experienced place.

Then comes the all important time of listening to her. When she speaks it is as if listening to the secrets of the ocean with the wisdom that the tides bring to the shore. She brings forth not a clinician's answer but a deep sense of what is going on in the child. At this time, it is as if a new birth has taken place for me - what was just too much to weed through, vanished; what arises is a calm sense of knowing what to do.

From these consultations, I have new eyes to see our child in ways that support and help her. It happens every time. Every time - and I have been consulting with Beth for four years. Just like the tide rolling in, a sacred understanding that is constant like the tide happens every time.

Stacy in Austin, TX


Thank you so much for our talk today. It is very rare that I even breath word that my son was ever sick and even more rare that I tell the entire story. I have never explained his illness to someone through his eyes. To be really honest, the experience was so painful for me that I have never thought that his view of the events might have been okay. In fact I have tried very hard to not talk about his illness at all because it has been so painful to recall. But now I feel different......Thank you, I feel talking with you about that event has lifted some weight off my heart and given me the power to see his experience as his own without my clouded painful memories. I didn't think we would be working on maternal healing today, but somehow we did. Thank you......

Lisa in Southern California


Along the path of parenting, one experiences certain defining moments that help us to reflect clearly on our current lives, chart a new course, or simply stand back and celebrate the fruits of our labor. Our phone consultation with Beth Sutton, has proven to be one of those great defining moments. Beth's experience, knowledge, wisdom, clarity of thought and vision, compassion and non-judgment are rare and precious gifts that she generously shares. Our consultation revitalized us and instilled in us great optimism and renewed vision. The suggestions she gave us for improving our family's well-being have propelled us into a very nurturing rhythm. Beth Sutton is a beacon of hope and calm in today's world of parenting and teaching. We wish all parents the opportunity to consult with her.

Parents in California


"Finding the wisdom within the struggle,” consultations for parents: 

  • wanting to learn to recognize the voice of their inner wisdom;
  • in need of a sense of space and breath;
  • interested in taking a broader view;
  • with specific concerns about your child(ren) and the family system.

We offer two choices for the initial meeting to allow us to explore your needs and desires, and to see if our working together is a good fit: 1) a one day parenting workshop ($175); or,  2) an initial, one hour phone consultation ($125). On this base, ongoing consultations are available in packages (6 hours for $450). This time can be used in 1 to 1 ½ hour blocks.

To schedule consultations, click here




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