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Rousing Intuition Participant Reviews


Participant from Colorado 2017

This Rousing Intuition weekend was a tapestry of opening to the unknown, settling into a contemplative space, and acquiring new tools to look at ourselves and the child. It was full and will undoubtedly influence my perspective and relationships deeply. I waited 5 years to be able to come to this weekend and I am already looking forward to the next!


Participant from Missouri 2015

I have been to church hundreds, if not thousands, of times in my life; but I have heard only two real sermons. Likewise, I have been to school for over 20 years, and had only two or three really profound and instructional experiences. Rousing Intuition was one. Thank you - this was incredibly rare.


Participant from Missouri 2015

I want to share that the workshop was truly wonderful. The focus on experiences over lecturing or unattached discussion is brilliant. The courage with which you lead things in possibly volatile and explosive directions is heartening. Heartening because it's indicative of a simple desire to seek truth and authenticity. That courage you modeled leading the workshop was the most important thing done as that is exactly the courage we must all have to face ourselves in seeking our intuition and truth.

Participant from Michigan 2011

I have been reading a lot about Steve Jobs yesterday and today, with his passing on Wednesday.  It strikes me how so much of what he writes and speaks about involves intuition.  He is such an inspiration to me.  I can see how great leaders, great innovators, and even simple people are able to have extraordinary lives when they can best tap into their own intuition.   After this experience I can pretty much say I am a new person.  I am more aware, alive, connected and centered.  I am blessed to have been able to go to this unique conference and also very glad now to be home.

Participant from New York City 2010:

Well it's been three weeks since my weekend in Rhode Island and honestly my intuition is still being aroused. Over the course of three days I was able to go inwardand learn about me, the person that often gets lost in the busyness of being a parent and a bread-winner. I have thought about the work I did with Beth that weekend and feel like I have a better understanding of myself, and the powerful currents within me that shape what I believe to be true about my world and my relationships. I also learned that given the opportunity I can still dance my rear off!


Participant from Colorado 2010:

Wow. I have attended many workshops. None have provided the unique, creative experience that Rousing Intuition IS. Over the course of the workshop we moved beyond conceptual ideas to being immersed in the different ways we learn, experience, and interact with the world. With this experience, doors were opened to deeper questioning and clear seeing of what arises in others and myself.

As a presenter, Beth Sutton is a supportive guide. Through the format of the workshop, and facilitated by her experience, the participants are supported in opening to new learning. Through real life experiences Beth provides living examples of the content. A true honoring and experience of connecting to our intuition.

The learning from Rousing Intuition is relevant to me in my own personal growth and will open doors in my work as a parent, home schooling teacher, and midwife.

Participant from Illinois 2010:

I think it's a testament to this work that it draws such an interesting group of people--intelligent, sincere, open, and fun. I've never had an experience like this before--a whole weekend designed to help me understand myself better and trust myself more. I can see how this understanding will help me be more open and confident not just with my children, but with other people in general. At the same time, the activities were so much fun!

Participant from New York City 2010:

What I connected to most at the Rousing Intuition Workshop was the understanding that the parenting all begins with me. Understanding myself and trusting my inner wisdom are my ultimate guides. Beth has a wonderful way of putting you at ease and making it all seem doable. Her openness, honesty, and sense of humor allowed me to realize that this is a long, beautiful journey and not perfection to be achieved. After the workshop, I was able to relax more and realize we can just enjoy the ride.

Participant from Connecticut 2007:

The Rousing Intuition workshop was an incredible experience for me - many revelations about myself (some of those "aha!" moments). The many “aha’s” for me included uncovering the fact that I care very deeply about relationships (so deeply, in fact, that most of the decisions I make/have made in my life revolve around making and maintaining connections with others). I also discovered that I'm primarily a kinesthetic learner (which was a HUGE surprise to me, but certainly explains a lot), and that I have a strongly playful nature, which, while that wasn't a surprise in and of itself, did allow me to finally come to terms with who I am and gave me the permission to feel comfortable about it. Most of my life I've felt like I needed to suppress my playful, enthusiastic side (in fact, I've been told many times by others that I'm too loud, too active, too busy). I've tried repeatedly, with no success (now I know why!) to change myself into a quieter, more peaceful person.

Coming to understand more of my basic nature made me realize that this is just who I am, and, more importantly, that it's OK. I don't think I'll worry about showing who I really am or spend any more energy trying to change into something I'm not any more. Now the goal is to allow my children to experience that same sense of freedom to be who they are without judgment or trying to change them. Which happens to be what I've always wanted anyway, but now I think I'm better prepared to allow it to happen.

All in all, this was one of the most valuable workshops I've ever been to. It was a deeply moving experience to be able to meet and talk with other families walking a similar educational path, and I came away feeling very connected to the community. That in itself will carry me into the coming "school" year with renewed commitment and zeal.

Participant from Texas 2007:

I actually hadn't been all that interested in the Rousing Intuition workshop when we signed up for a conference at the same time, but since we were coming from so far away, it didn't make sense not to do it too. But boy, am I glad I took that workshop! It turned out to be far more important and far more integral to parenting and life as a human being in general (I'm not exaggerating) than I understood initially. It was eye-opening because I discovered facets of myself that I didn't realize were so strong, and I also, more importantly, realized that while it is of utmost importance (really central) to remain curious about our children and what makes them tick, we should never relax in the idea that we have them all figured out. I think I actually thought that was possible - if I just read the right books, I would have all the right answers. Nope, it doesn't work that way; and in my heart, I knew that was true, but I didn't know how else to be the best parent I could be. So, even though I may still be tempted by putting labels on my children (X personality children respond best to Y parenting), I would be misleading myself at best, and causing harm to my children at worst.









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