Homeschooling Curriculum

At the heart of Enki is an underlying view of life and of education. This is the common ground for all working with the Enki Homeschooling Curriculum. At the same time, every home is different, with its unique mix of personalities and realities. As a result, any homeschooling curriculum must be adapted liberally if it is to meet the needs of a particular family.

What is common ground? We believe the central task of education is the integration of body, heart, and mind. To this  end, our Homeschooling Curriculum weaves together many diverse elements. Central among these are:

All of these, and more, are woven together into a coherent approach: Developmental Immersion-Mastery. In the following pages, which focus exclusively on homeschooling curriculum, we will explore what it means to adapt this approach to support learning and living in the home.

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