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Enki Education provides both Classroom and Homeschool Resources. The Enki Teaching Guides detail our underlying philosophy, including our view of child development and neurological/ sensory integration, and the role of rhythm in learning. Both the classroom and homeschool guides then describe the specific ways this view unfolds into teaching through the arts on a day-to-day basis. This gives parents and teachers a deep understanding of the Enki classroom and homeschool curriculum, and of how to adapt or develop this curriculum to most fully meet their own goals.

In both the classroom and homeschool materials, the Foundation Teaching Guides describe the underlying philosophy and principles that are the basis for all our work. Each grade level then takes up an exploration of how these principles unfold in the day-to-day learning of each subject area, offering the "why" and "how," but not the materials fo use with the children. Each grade level depends on approaches established in earlier grades. Therefore, the Teaching Guides are only sold in sequence, from the Foundation set up. They can also be purchased as a complete unit for a significant discount. Materials for use with the children are found in the Resource Libraries within each package.

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The Homeschool is not a Classroom, but rather has its own opportunities, blessings and challenges. Our Homeschool Resources focus on the unique issues of Homeschooling and the ways the Enki Homeschooling curriculum can support this courageous undertaking, as the child grows from a toddler to an independent pre-adolescent. Homeschool guides include sections on working with siblings and on using Enki in Homeschool Coop programs

The Classroom has many unique blessings and challenges, born of working in a peer group. Therefore, these Guides focus on working with the class group to foster both community and individual growth. Classroom Guides include discussion of the teacher’s role and relationship with the children as they grow from Kindergartners in need of reassurance, to pre-adolescents in need of “structured independence.”



In order to bring this unique education to you, we function in the same spirit as a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), though in our case it is a CSE (Community Supported Education). This means we are all part of the community that is bringing Enki into the world; we ask that you view your purchase as a family tuition and abide by our resale and sharing policies. Therefore:

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In order to better support those wishing to teach with the Enki approach, we now sell the materials in packages only. If you wish to purchase one of our story or activity books separately, please see our new Enki Crafts and Creations Shop.




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