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Enki is an innovative approach to education which takes an ecosystems perspective, i.e. all parts support one another. Therefore, rather offering the purchase of a product, fees for use of Enki materials serve as a tuition which in turn supports the continuation of this innovative work for generations to come.

Enki Education offers three different kinds of classroom and homeschooling materials to support an arts-integrated education which nurtures the whole child. We offer: Teaching Guides; Consultations; and Curriculum Packages. Complete Pacakges include all these materials with Resource Libraries to support each teacher's work with the material to best serve her unique needs.


MARCH 2014

At this time the structure of the Enki Program is undergoing a reevaluation and there will be signifcant changes in the near future. Though our content will remain innovative and extensive - and is not available anywhere else - the way in which it is offered will be different. This will both allow us to better support both those wanting to work with Enki, and to support the continuation of Enki Education, Inc. The new program will include the Comprehensive Package, (currently our Complete Package) - which includes all stories, activities, worksheets, and teaching instruction you need for the full year - this will be structured and priced to more accurately reflect its value, relative to the costs of other programs on the market. Get it now at a discount! Those purchasing now (or who purchased after March 2014), will be given an option to upgrade to the new program when it becomes available.

These packages are very thorough and are designed to fully support the parent in bringing the curriculum to the typical child. If your child has a significant special need, you will likely need package contents or method adjusted or expanded - by nature, a special need requires and deserves special adaptations. We encourage you to first read the website section on our approach to meeting special needs, and if Enki seems like a good fit, to then make a pre purchase appointment to see what is possible. We find some children with special needs do well with packages as is, and some will benefit from a specially prepared grouping of materials. However, we have found that virtually ALL families working with a speical need will also need assistance with adapting the material and approach to meet their situation. To this end, packages for children with special needs include extra consultations time. Prices vary depending on the package needed.

Looking for a taste of Enki?
Your first purchase of the Foundation Guides can be credited in full towards the first purchase of a COMPLETE package.

The Enki Teaching Guides cover the “why,” “what,” and “how” of the Enki approach. These classroom and homeschooling materials detail how our philosophy unfolds in all curriculum areas.


Classroom and Homeschooling Materials: Resource Libraries

The Enki Introductory materials offer a taste of Enki at minimal cost so that, between the free materials on this web site and the introductory materals, you can get a feel for this unique approach before diving in.

A variety of conferences and consultations are also offered to deepen first hand experience of Enki and to help parents and teachers explore ways to bring this innovative approach to learning and living into their unique lives.

Classroom and Homeschooling Materials: Teaching Guides

The Curriculum Packages include all the Teaching Guides, Resource Libraries, and Instructional materials needed to implement the Enki program in Classroom or Homeschool Programs. Demonstration and support CD's and DVD's are part of this package, as well.

These packages also include* admission to peer online support groups for the school year. As well, package owners are eligibile to take any one of our courses or consultations to help you understand more fully and adapt materials to meet your specific situation.

Classroom and Homeschooling Materials: Grade Level Packages


* admission in any Enki groups or programs is conditional, based on abiding by the CSE commitments and the Leadership decisions for Enki (materials, methods, programs, faculty, name use, etc.).


In order to bring this unique education to you, we function in the same spirit as a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), though in our case it is a CSE (Community Supported Education). This means we are all part of the community that is bringing Enki into the world; we ask that you view your purchase as a family tuition and abide by our resale and sharing policies. Therefore:

We encourage you to read about our Materials Return and Resale policies




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