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At this time we offer adult courses, both stand alone courses and the full Enki Teacher Training Program.

We also offer a Cyber Jr. High Program for Homeschoolers, working with live online classes. Have a peak at the students' collaborative projects!

Coming in Autumn 2020! The NEW Enki Nursery through Grade 8 Homeschool Programs. In order to shift into viability and sustainability, we have had to take the materials off the market, update them, and restructure.

We are excited to announce that, after much research and consultation, we have found a way to offer Enki that is in keeping with the overall vision of participating in an interdependent, mutually supportive ecosystem. So when we reopen, the buisiness, too, will be in keeping with our ecosystemic outlook. To that end, we will be offering Enki Programs for each grade level. These will be tailored to the child, and families will pay a yearly tuition, per child. They will receive use of the material as well as both recorded and live-online guidance during the school year. We will reopen with the full K-8 program and look forward to working with you then.





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