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For those interested in having a taste of Enki before jumping in to the wealth of materials we offer, we invite you to sit down, take a load off your feet, and watch a 30-minute film of Enki in the classroom, with voice-over describing what the children are doing and why. From there, you can comfortably explore some of the topics specific to our approach, in a series of short articles and newsletters.

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Developmental Immersion-Mastery: The Enki Approach

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This 30 minute video brings you on a tour of classrooms using the Enki approach. While you watch the children sing, dance, use manipulatives, do desk work, do crafts, play, and the like, you will hear how all of this fits into the Enki philosophy from Beth Sutton, Director of Enki Education. This colorful and lively peek into the classroom provides a “living taste” of Enki to classroom and homeschool teachers alike. Video available in DVD or VHS format.


An Introduction to Enki

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Enki Education now offers a complementary introduction to our approach. This will soon be available as a free pdf download. It is an ideal way to begin exploring this unique and innovative approach to education.



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