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What is Enki Education?.
How Did this Approach Begin?
About the Enki Education Directors...

What is Enki Education?

Enki Education is an independent program that strives to recognize wisdom and vitality wherever they arise. In this spirit both the classroom and homeschool curriculum are informed by the work of several leading educators and a variety of methods. Central among these are:

Although we are grateful to those who have gone before, Enki differs markedly from both Theme Studies and Waldorf Inspired Programs, as well as all other approaches. The Enki approach, known as Developmental-Immersion Mastery weaves together many rich and diverse elements in order to support our fundamental premise - that the integration of body, heart and mind is key to cultivating educational excellence, confidence, and competence. At all grade levels, whether in classroom or homeschooling programs,  all academics are taught using a three fold process. This process begins with the arts and opens to full mastery of skills and concepts. In this way, we nurture the whole child, weaving together a coherent program including academics, arts, story, activities, movement, and exploration, to bring about deep learning and growth. The resulting strong and broad foundation enables the students to meet the world head-on, in a compassionate, flexible, and creative manner.

Since 1993 the Enki approach has been used in homeschools, and in independent elementary and junior high schools in the U.S. and Canada.

In 2014 it became clear that these endeavors were not viable and we are currently exploring new structures that will allow us to bring this work forward.

When and how did this approach begin?

In 1989 a group of parents and teachers requested that Beth Sutton, M.Ed., develop teacher education programs, and begin working with them to establish elementary and homeschool curriculum and programs. In response Enki Education, Inc. was born.

The first order of business was development of a Teacher Training Program. In 1991 we began with workshops for parents and teachers, which quickly grew into the Enki Teacher Training Program. Now entering its fourteenth year, the program has served many classroom teachers, homeschooling parents, and other interested people. Students have come from across the United States and Canada, and from Europe and Asia. Much of the program is done off site through correspondence courses and independent study in order to make it more accessible to adult learners with other family and employment commitments.

In 1993 the first group of Enki-trained teachers worked with Enki Education, Inc. to open both an elementary school in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and several Homeschool programs. In 1998 a group of parents and teachers began working to open a school in New Hampshire. Over the years our program and curriculum materials have been used in preschools, home schools, homeschooling cooperatives, and independent elementary and junior high schools.

Unfortunately, due to the current economic climate, both of our independent elementary schools and our homeschooling program have had to close or substantially restructure, and we are currently exploring new ways to bring Enki into the world.


About the Directors . . .


  Beth Sutton

Beth Sutton, M.Ed., is the director and core developer of Enki Education. Beth has been a certified teacher in several states, and is also certified in Waldorf Education. She has been a teacher and director of schools and camps over the last 49 years, and is experienced in Traditional, Experimental, and Integrated Day/Emergent Curriculum, and Waldorf methods. She has taught in both Waldorf Schools and Waldorf inspired programs, as well as Enki Schools.

Beth's commitment to multicultural education is grounded in her own childhood, throughout which she had the great fortune to be educated at the United Nations International School. Her understanding of the importance of the dynamic interplay of the individual and the community was fostered at Camp Robinson Crusoe, under the guidance of Josh Lieberman, father of progressive camping, during the nine years she spent there.

Along with her commitment to bringing the children a fully integrated educational experience, Beth has always been passionate about helping children tackle their learning challenges through movement. This led her to study and work with Sensory Integration beginning in 1979. Over the years she has gone on to study: Educational Kinesiology (Brain Gym); Diet and Remediation; the Irlen Method (dyslexia); and she is currently completing her instructor's training in Rhythmic Movement Training with Dr. Harald Blomberg. She brings all of these approaches into the children's daily experience through this fully integrated curriculum.

Beth began working with homeschoolers 15 years ago and has been homeschoooling her oldest grandson for the last 6 years. She is the mother of three grown children and the grandmother of six.


  Beth Sutton

Amy Wallace, MS, CNM, is the Associate Program Director for Enki Education. Amy's passion has always been in guiding new birth, and her background is in midwifery where she is both a nurse midwife and a professor at Regis University. Through the births of her own children and her commitment to guiding them on a positive path, Amy began homeschooling.

Amy has been homeschooling her two children with the Enki approach for the past 10 years. In 2010, she began leading a multi-aged, homeschool enrichment program, as well. Over the years, she has done in-depth study, both in groups and in private classes, with Beth Sutton. In 2007 she was asked to join in supporting Enki families in an official post. This began as work with online groups and parent consultations and grew into work with curriculum and program development. In 2013 Amy became the Associate Program Director of Enki Education, and as such is engaged in all program creation, guidance, and decision making. We are very fortunate to have her particular experience and perspective guiding Enki.


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